Brass Extrusion

Brass Extrusion


Brass Extrusion Rods :  Our brass extrusion rods size ranges form 4mm diameter to 100mm as per required material grade.
All our products are compulsarily passed through spectrometer testing for alloy composition testing and hence we guarantee the material grade composition.
Free Cutting Brass Rods : • Grade-1 (IS 319/89)
  • • Grade-2 (IS 319/89)
  • • BS 2874/86 – Cz121 Pb3
• Cz124
Lead Free Brass Rods : 

These rod are also known as Reverting Quality Brass Rod and is mainly used in blanking, riveting, bending, hot forging, watch case and belts, etc.

• IS 4413/81


Note: We manufacture Brass Extrusion Parts and export to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, European Countries & Middle East as per custom specifications / drawing / sample piece. Please send us: Inquiry for more information.